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Coldplay Livejournal Community
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A community devoted to the band, Coldplay.

"From the stool of a piano, Coldplay serenaded the world... and it fell in love."

Just a few simple rules:
1. Keep posts relatively relevant.
2. No negative remarks about other members.
3. Constructive criticism, please.
4. No trading/ posting of links/ requests for album-released/EP/charity songs. However, live versions (not the 2003 live disc) or b-sides (off of singles) are fine.
5. Please use the LJ-cut feature when appropriate (ie. numerous photos etc).
6. No stealing from the comm! If someone posts their personal thoughts or photos, please ask if you want to repost them on your own website. It's just common decency!
7. Give credit where it's due! (ie. posting article, photos, etc)
8. Most importantly, have fun!

Due to the ridiculous amount of spam posted on this community of late, membership will now have to be approved.

This community was created by smileygirl. The torch of ownership has been passed to pitseleh as of 1 January 2005. Our lovely mods are timeo, cosmic_autumn (and pitseleh, of course). If you have any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions, please email the above address or feel free to contact any of us at our journals. Your input is valued.

** Special thanks to our great mod Danielle (cosmic_autumn) for the current community design! **

** We ♥ Coldplay photography by Kevin Westenberg **

** Discover the other music we all love at our last.fm group **

Upcoming Coldplay tour dates & locations - sorted chronologically.

See http://www.coldplay.com for ticket details.




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