Your Worst Nightmare (rp_ks_lova) wrote in coldplay,
Your Worst Nightmare

Coldplay concert. Foro Sol, Mexico city, March 6th, 2010.

This is my first post here so be gentle :)

Here are some videos from the Coldplay concert yesterday in Mexico City. It was amazing.
All I can tell you, turn your speakers down, we were pretty crazy :oP
**These videos weren't taken by me since I didn't have a camera with good video.


Violet Hill


Viva la Vida

This one has great audio, but they cut a bit in the end, here's the full one:

Lovers in Japan

In My Place

Here they played Don Quixote and then Chris asked us to do a wave with our phones, it looked very cool.


Fix You

This one is pretty cool, watch it, you see more of the crowd a

The Scientist

Life In Technicolor II

In my experience, best concert of my life, they were seriously amazing. How excited they made and made the crowd be was incredible. Chris was so nice trying to speak in spanish and even saying it "fucking sucks". The crowd (including me) was crazy for them, we scram and scram and sang with them and it was really amazing. Hope you like the videos. 
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